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C/T solutions
Z2000 C/T Server
Uses Intel ISP1100 server platform. The box height is only 1U (45 mm). It saves valuable rack space.
Digital access & signal processing
Telecom ports, signal processors and voice processing is performed using professional high quality cards of Aculab Plc.
ISDN One to four Standard E1 and T1 Primary Rate ports (2 Mb; 30 lines/port), and/or 64 Kb Basic rate (2 lines/port). Two 10/100 Mb LAN ports, Two serial ports. Larger configurations available on platforms having bigger boxes.
Operating system
Linux used here We use reliable and cost effective Linux. (Red Hat 5.2). Windows NT workstations can be used to monitor and control the system. There are some handy tools available for that.
ZAPI Aculab card drivers are hidden behind an application interface called Z-Api. It enables very fast application creation using C-language, which in turn set almost no limits to the application itself and other desired tools, like SQL e.g. Z-Api includes many powerful tools to help controlling and maintaining the system. See documentation (registered users only).
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