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Purveyor of high quality Computer Telephony (C/T) applications and equipment.

The new Z-2000 C/T server has been released....
Products and services
Buy your own C/T hardware...
  • Z-2000 series of C/T servers
  • Aculab digital access & DSP cards
  • Make your own applications or use our Application design and programming services
... or use our service center
  • Minimize cost of investment and extra personnel
  • Integration of telephone and computer technologies
  • Application design and programming services
  • Tailored applications guarantee perfect fit for your needs
  • Sample application areas:
    • Call centers and help desks
    • Automated call handling and distribution
    • Queuing services
    • Conferencing
    • Voice mail
    • Phone orders
    • Data collection and customer feedback services
    • Phone voting
    • Smoothing of rush hours
    • Automated information services
    • Menu driven applications
    • Fax on demand
    • Entertainment applications
  • Whatever you need to do with modern C/T technology
Contact information
Xarcom Oy, Finland
Tel: +358 9 8866 1000
Fax: +358 9 8866 1009
E-mail: xarcom@xarcom.fi

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